If you would like to make a donation to help with the cost of the upkeep of these repeaters, it would be gratefully appreciated.

If you have donated in the last year and would like "Supported" status on the forum and to be listed below please contact us.


2016 / 2017 Members of the repeater group (Until October 2017) 

G7AVU - Bob  M0KED - Andy G0UOZ - Tony G0EJQ - Jim M0VLC - Mally
G3YPS - Stuart G8EQZ - Clive M0LDR - Lyndon G4DBS - Barry M1GOH - Ray
G1LQB - Les M0RPD - Ian G7JFI - Terry 2E0OVR - Fiona M0MLJ - Ray
M0NWK - Adrian M5ZZZ - Steve  G1FLL - Pete    


To the committee and all members of RAF Waddington ARC.

The committee and members of Lincoln Repeater Group would like to thank you all for raising and donating £105 to help us maintain the repeaters and could you pass on our thanks to James (G0EUN) who we believe did an excellent job of running your annual Christmas raffle. Also thank you to Bob (G3VCA) for the donating surplus equipment to our group, there will also be a thank you displayed on the Lincoln Repeater Group website in the next few days. We wish all members a very happy 2017 and listen out for you on the air

Best wishes to you all bob Fisk (G7AVU) and the rest of the crew




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